Do My Impact Windows Improve the Security of My Property?

Wondering if impact windows are a smart investment? These high-quality windows offer many advantages compared to run-of-the-mill windows, increasing safety, security and comfort where you need it most: at home. Here are the five main ways impact windows improve the security of your property.

Reliable protection against hurricanes

In a place like Florida, you need to be well prepared for the threat of strong storms. Impact windows are your best defense against hurricane-force winds because they’re much less likely to break compared to standard or even double-pane windows. High winds can hurl branches or other objects through traditional windows, but impact windows don’t shatter into tiny pieces, keeping your family and pets safe in extreme weather situations.

Improved home security

One of the best ways to bolster the security of your home is by installing high-quality impact windows. Most breaking-and-entering situations occur through windows and doors that are unlocked, but if a thief determines you have something of value in your home, a locked window or door is only a small obstacle standing in their way. Impact windows can’t be broken, providing an excellent barrier to entry. Investing in high-quality impact windows, along with professional installation, gives your home an extra invisible layer of protection against thieves and other bad actors.

Reducing homeowners insurance

Many insurance companies offer generous discounts for homeowners who invest in impact windows. Since these windows can withstand an incredible amount of force, your home is less prone to burglaries and the damaging effects of the elements. Since insurance companies see these incidents as expensive risks, a home with impact windows is typically less costly to insure. Over time, your investment in impact windows can potentially pay for itself.

Boosting resale value

Buyers in the Florida region seek out homes with premium structural and security features that turn an ordinary home into a solid investment. Impact windows provide an excellent return on investment, and act as another selling feature that sets your home apart should you choose to list in the future. Other improvements like a hurricane-proof roof and quality exterior doors further boost your home’s overall value.

Reducing energy bills

Summers in Florida get incredibly hot. Luckily, most homes are equipped with a central air conditioning system to keep families comfortable even on the hottest of days, but the tradeoff is a high electricity bill. Impact windows keep cooling costs much lower than traditional windows due to their multi-layer construction. These windows reduce the amount of solar heat that enters the home, which means your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to keep your house cool.

Impact windows provide an invisible barrier that stands up to virtually whatever life throws at them. From providing protection from hurricane-force winds to reducing your monthly energy bills, a high-quality impact window provides homeowners with plenty of measurable advantages. Contact All America Construction Services today to learn more about the benefits of premium impact windows and expert installation, and to get an estimate on new windows for your home.