What Makes a Roof Hurricane Proof?

In a place like Florida, you need to take every safeguard to prevent the winds and rain from hurricanes and other strong storms from damaging your home. One feature that practically every home needs is a hurricane-proof roof. This important part of hurricane protection keeps driving rain from leaking into your home and even prevents the roof from shearing off during high winds. Read on to learn more about how a hurricane-proof roof can offer incredible protection from the effects of strong storms.

Roof shape

Winds are typically the most damaging forces that accompany a hurricane, and the shape of your roof plays a big part in its ability to withstand strong winds. An aerodynamic roof in a hexagonal or octagonal shape is your best bet when it comes to hurricane protection, but a four-slope hip roof is a common alternative that looks great on a typical house.

Roof slope

Alongside shape, slope determines how well your roof will hold up to hurricane-force winds. In the case of a four-slope hip roof, 30-degree slopes are ideal. This is the perfect pitch for handling high winds, and it offers a pleasing, traditional appearance. It’s a much better alternative to a gabled roof, since they experience greater forces from wind pressure.

Pressure protection

The incredible pressure accompanying hurricane-force winds creates a powerful lift under the corners and eaves of a roof. It’s not unheard of for entire roofs to shear off from homes without some additional protective measures. The best designs feature a central shaft that connects the roof ridge with the internal space, helping to mitigate the lift effect of hurricane-force winds. Also, pay attention to the eaves in roof design and keep them below 20 inches to further reduce the potential for uplift.

Quality materials

Engineers and safety professionals recommend metal roofing materials rather than traditional shingles or clay tiles. Metal roofs are incredibly durable when installed by experienced professionals, and they can be covered in a variety of coatings that can boost their durability while also making your home more energy efficient. Choose from aluminum, copper, stainless steel or zinc for a roof that stands up well to the elements. You typically don’t even need to alter the overall design of your roof to take advantage of this upgrade—new metal roofs usually can be installed on the same structure as traditional shingle roofs.

Unseen upgrades

While the strength of your shingles is important, so too is what is beneath them. If you’re installing a shingle roof at your property, invest in a premium membrane for roof decking and high-quality flashing. Rely on professional installation so you get the full benefits of this upgrade and prevent water from entering your home.

A hurricane-proof roof is an invaluable form of hurricane protection for homes throughout Florida. While you may not be ready to completely replace your roof, investing in a few upgrades can make all the difference when it comes to withstanding hurricanes and strong storms. Contact All America Construction Services to learn more about the upgrades that might be ideal for bolstering hurricane protection at your property.