What Makes a Window or Door Hurricane Impact Proof?

The original shatter-resistant glass comes from the automotive industry, where laminated glass has been the standard for many years to protect people in cars. For Florida residents, the importance of impact-resistant glass along with a heavy-duty frame is clear: Hurricane-resistant windows in Sunrise, FL will prevent strong winds and debris from crashing through into your home.

Read on to learn more about what makes hurricane-proof windows a different and better choice for Florida property owners.

Types of shatter-resistant windows

There are two basic types of window glazing that will help your property withstand Mother Nature’s worst. One is laminating two sheets of glass that includes a shatter-proof membrane between the sheets. The glass on the outside may shatter, but the inner membrane will remain intact. These windows can handle debris hurled at them at high speeds and repel burglary attempts.

The second form of shatter-resistant windows applies a window film to the glazing’s surface. The film is placed over the glass to keep the window shards in place in the event of breakage. This is less durable than the first kind, as the windows will not necessarily function as a system designed to withstand punishment.

The purpose of adding a strong frame

The fact is that it takes a window system to make the home resistant to the substantial impact of a powerful hurricane. This is why it’s important to have a durable, heavy-duty window frame to go along with hurricane-resistant windows in Sunrise, FL.

Window frames can be made from metal, vinyl or wood. You want a heavier frame for your home, as a strong force could strike the window with enough power to make the whole frame give way even if the glass doesn’t break. Stiffeners and reinforcement inside the frame help them to absorb the impact. Adding steel to the structure is going to make it much more stable than just putting a film over the window.

Standards for impact resistance

Not every window around can make the claim that it’s resistant to impact. Standards are set by ASTM International and must be met in order for windows to be certified as impact resistant. Starting in July 2001, building codes in South Florida began requiring that every exterior opening in a house be protected from airborne debris by shutters or hurricane-resistant windows.

The codes specify that for certification, windows must be able to withstand the impact from small and large objects traveling at a high speed. This is determined through a variety of laboratory tests that determine the window’s strength.

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