What Are the Differences Between Aluminum and Vinyl Windows or Doors?

If you’re a homeowner considering replacing your windows and doors, you may be wondering what the best choice of material is. This will depend on your budget and the aesthetic you’re looking to achieve. In recent years, aluminum and vinyl windows in Sunrise, FL have become a popular choice for both new installations and replacements.

Let’s look at the benefits of each of these materials so you can more easily decide what’s right for your home.


New windows are always going to be an expensive proposition that homeowners will spend thousands of dollars on. That said, you want windows that are going to last for years to come. That’s where aluminum and vinyl windows excel, and it’s part of the reason why they’ve become leaders in the market.

Both of these types of windows are resistant to scratching and cracking. Vinyl windows offer additional durability to dents and chips; however, aluminum faces some more challenges with corrosion, fading and dents. Over time, the zinc and steel fasteners used on aluminum windows will likely corrode, leading to color change.


Aluminum windows are often the choice for homes with large windows, as they have excellent structural integrity. This is also a benefit in Florida, as their strength serves them well in the event of powerful hurricanes. Impact-resistant vinyl windows are also available but tend to be more expensive than their aluminum counterparts.


Vinyl excels in this category, as it’s virtually maintenance free. Aluminum windows also score well and require little maintenance. They are prone to condensation which can result in the appearance of rust and mold. That’s why it’s recommended to use a special aluminum cleaner on a semi-regular basis. The parts will also need to be lubricated regularly to reduce wear and tear on these metal mechanisms.


Vinyl windows also win when it comes to providing excellent insulation compared to aluminum. Vinyl windows score high in this category which means better energy efficiency for your home, as the cool air will stay in, and the hot air will stay outside.

It is possible to find aluminum windows that are thermally improved and, therefore, offer stronger insulation. Look for Energy Star windows which will lower your cooling bills substantially each year.


Vinyl windows tend to be much cheaper than aluminum windows by an average of 30 percent. Replacing your windows may seem costly, but the reality is that you will likely recoup much of this when you go to sell your home. Window replacement has a high return on investment compared to other home improvement projects.

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