Reasons to Get Impact Windows Installed on Your Home

There are many benefits when it comes to having impact windows installed on your home. For one, they offer great protection against both weather and break-ins. Impact windows can even help reduce energy bill costs in the long run.

Wondering how long it takes to install impact windows? This can vary depending on the size and placement of the window, which is why it’s always good to ask for a timeline estimate.

Many also wonder how to install impact windows, though this is best left to a professional. In order for impact windows to work at maximum efficiency, they need to be installed correctly—and this is hard to do if you don’t have any construction experience.

Read on for information about impact windows and how they can benefit your home or business:

  • Weather protection: States like Florida are subject to frequent hurricanes, which is why many locals have already invested in impact windows. Impact windows are much more durable than standard ones and help prevent limbs and other debris from crashing into your home. Smashed windows almost always result in a floor full of broken glass, which is extremely dangerous, especially if you have young children or pets.
  • Better security: Impact windows can give you better peace of mind. Anyone trying to break into your home is going to have a hard time getting through impact glass. Impact windows feature several layers of glass, making them extremely hard to smash without making a bunch of noise. Most burglars are going to give up before making multiple attempts to get through your glass.
  • Lower energy costs: During the summer months, energy bills can go about exponentially due to increased air conditioner usage. However, thanks to the multiple layers of glass found in impact windows, you won’t have to worry as much about UV rays warming up your home. This will not only help save money on your energy bill but also take some of the pressure off of your air conditioner.
  • Increases the value of your home: Homes with impact windows are a hot commodity, especially in areas like Florida. Potential buyers want to feel protected in their new home. The promise of already-installed impact windows may be just the push they need to make an offer on your home.
  • Less noise: If you live in a particularly noisy area, impact windows could be just what you need to quiet things down a bit. The thick glass of impact windows helps prevent loud noises from making their way into your home. With impact windows, you’ll likely be able to concentrate better and have an easier time falling asleep.
  • Quick installation: One of the best things about impact windows is that they don’t usually take long to install. Still, it’s always best to ask your construction company, “How long does it take to install impact windows?” They’ll be able to give you a reliable estimate.

If you’re ready to have top-quality impact windows installed on your home, contact All America Construction Services. We’ll be at your home in no time to install the windows quickly and efficiently.