How Impact Doors Benefit Everyday Life

If you’re the type of homeowner who primarily enters your home through your garage, you might not have considered the benefits of impact doors. When safety and security is a priority, impact doors can help protect your family and property from harm.

Could these doors be right for you?

What are impact doors?

Impact doors are specially-designed doors that can resist heavy blows—even if large objects are thrown against the door. You don’t have to sacrifice style, either. There are even impact doors with glass panels, like many traditional front doors. The glass is made of safety glass, which can also withstand strong impacts.

These doors are great for anyone living in hurricane-prone areas (like Florida), but they also boost safety and security from intruders.

Benefits of impact doors

There are plenty of benefits of installing impact doors in your home. Here are the top reasons to try them:

  • Resist storm damage: Impact doors are popular in areas with heavy, violent storms. Whether you’re dealing with a Florida hurricane or an Alabama tornado, these doors are designed to withstand debris and large objects being hurled at them. They’ll also stand up to the heavy wind (many doors are rated for over 100 mph winds) and torrential rain we frequently experience.
  • Keep intruders at bay: Protecting our families and property is an important concern, no matter where you live. Impact doors make it harder for intruders to get inside your home. Even if you choose a door with decorative glass, it’s difficult (if not impossible) to smash the glass and unlock the door. An impact door will encourage criminals to pick an easier target.
  • Enjoy better insulation: Florida often experiences intense heat and humidity, which can make a home downright uncomfortable. Since impact doors are designed to be sturdy and impenetrable, they have the added bonus of better insulation. Why not take the opportunity to keep your home safe and lower your AC bills?
  • Block harmful UV rays: If you choose a glass impact door, you’ll be glad to know that the safety glass will block up to 99 percent of harmful UV rays. Since UV rays can cause your upholstery, carpeting, drapery and possessions to fade, this is an extra layer of protection for your home.
  • Get insurance incentives: Depending on your homeowner’s insurance company, investing in an impact door may come with incentives. Be sure to ask your agent whether you’ll save more when installing an impact door.
  • Better soundproofing: Finally, impact doors offer much better soundproofing than standard doors. Because the insulation is so great, you’ll hear less noise from the outside world. Who couldn’t use a little extra peace and quiet?

As you can see, impact doors are a great choice for homeowners. Protect your home, reduce your bills and enjoy more quiet, all with a new door.

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