Impact Windows Can Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Energy-efficient windows provide homeowners with quite a few financial benefits. For starters, they increase the value of a home, and they help save a lot of money on monthly energy bills over time due to their ability to better insulate a home.

When people think about impact windows, they generally think about their benefits in protecting a home during storms and forceful winds—but this extra layer of protection isn’t the only benefit of an impact window. They also provide greater energy efficiency, much like other types of energy-efficient windows that are not also impact resistant.

Let’s take a look at how impact windows manage to accomplish this.

Impact windows for improved energy efficiency

Impact windows have dual-layered glass and reinforced framing on the windows. They feature tempered and laminated glass that is difficult to break but also effective at preventing cold air from seeping through during the winter months.

During the coldest parts of the year, impact windows help trap heat inside the home. This improved insulation means you are able to keep the thermostat lower and your furnace won’t have to work as hard to maintain the ideal temperature in your home.

During the summer, impact windows help prevent hot air from getting into your home. You’ll be able to leave your air conditioning off for longer while still maintaining comfortable interior air temperatures, even in some of the hottest times of the year. This will reduce the amount of money you have to spend on cooling your home and the amount of energy expended on cooling.

There is, of course, an initial investment associated with the installation of impact windows. The price tag might give you a bit of sticker shock, but it’s important to consider the benefits of the long-term investment. The energy savings you get from these impact windows can add up in a major way over years of usage to the point where the extra investment pays for itself and then some.

Exactly how much energy can you stand to save? Well, information from the United States Department of Energy indicates heat gain and loss through windows can account for 25 to 30 percent of residential heating and cooling energy use. A homeowner could save hundreds each year by replacing single-pane windows with energy-efficient windows.

There’s more than just the financial benefit to consider. Impact windows prevent leaks and drafts that could quickly become dangerous during hurricane or thunderstorm season. The performance they provide in such scenarios is significantly better than what one could expect from a standard single-pane window.

Ultimately, impact windows are an ideal choice for a wide variety of climates because of their energy efficiency, but they are an especially strong choice for areas that see high winds and storms that deal heavy damage.

For more information about getting energy-efficient windows for your home and the benefits of making an investment in impact windows, reach out to the experts at All America Construction Services today. We look forward to working with you soon!