Ways You Can Prepare for a Hurricane

If you learn that a major storm is heading your way, start making preparations as far in advance as possible. Stay abreast of the latest storm tracking or information by listening to NOAA Weather radio or watching your local news channels. Keep yourself and your family safe by heeding the advice of local authorities. For example, if your area falls under a mandatory evacuation, leave the area immediately. Staying behind not only puts your life at risk, but also the first responders and volunteers that are forced to react. Keep reading to learn the most important four steps you can take for hurricane home prep.

How To Prepare for a Hurricane

1. Be Prepared

Long before any storm is on the horizon, you should start contingency planning — particularly if you live in a disaster-prevalent area like Florida. Start by having a plan that all family members know about. The plan should outline a common meeting place and a single point of contact to coordinate communication if needed. Additionally, once news of a storm is announced, everyone will hit the grocery and hardware stores for supplies. Be a step ahead by already having canned foods, bottled water, batteries, radio, flashlight, and other emergency essentials ready to go. 

2. Secure Your Home

Start on the exterior of your house by storing all outside patio furniture, bikes, plants, toys, and anything else that could blow away during a storm. Install storm shutters on windows, doors, and skylights to ensure that they do not shatter and injure occupants during the worst of a storm. 

3. Protect Your Vehicles

Fill your cars with full tanks of gas along with any auxiliary cans that you own. If possible, move vehicles to high ground or park them in your garage. Avoid parking under trees, power lines, or other areas where debris could leave your vehicle inoperable. 

4. Identify a Shelter Room

Identify a room in your home that all family members can safely gather in that is far from windows and other breakable objects as possible. Prior to the storm starting, bring your emergency supply kit and any other essentials such as medicine into the room so they can be easily accessed. Even if the hurricane appears to be over, do not go outside until authorities issue an all-clear. Often, the weather can become calm and lull you into a false sense of security before resuming with a vengeance. 

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