How Replacing Your Roof Increases Home Value

A new roof is always a powerful tool for marketing when you want to sell your home. Buyers appreciate a new roof because they avoid significant expenses, like a new roof installation, once they’ve bought a house. How does a new roof increase your home’s value? Here are some new roof benefits for your house.

Superior Durability 

When roofs get old, they are more vulnerable to damage caused by storms, high winds, and hail. Additionally, leaks on your roof can cause more extensive problems over time, costing you more than you budgeted. Therefore, replacing your roof earlier is critical to avoid unnecessary costs. 

Increased Curb Appeal 

Another way that a new roof adds value to your home is by increasing its curb appeal. Most home upgrade projects focus on giving a facelift or a new look to the house. If you replace your old, brittle roof with a new one, you can breathe new life into your home, which makes it undeniably attractive. It gives a good first impression of your house and a better look; you can also increase your property value.

Improved Energy Efficiency  

It is one of the reasons why homeowners consider new roof installation. The presence of cracks and holes in your old roof can lead to significant energy loss, and to maintain a comfortable living environment, you might require artificial systems to work all the time. To avoid such, roof replacement is essential. You can install solar panels, which reduce electricity bills.

Minimal or No Inspection Issues

Home sales come with an inspection requirement, which houses must pass for the owners to sell them. If the house is old, there is a high chance some things will need improvement. If the most visible part of your house, the roof, is in bad shape, inspectors may halt your home sale until it is fixed or a new roof is installed; this may lead to low market value and loss of potential buyers.

Replacing the roof is a good investment, but how can you know if your roof will make a return on investment or if it will boost your home’s value beyond the cost of the new roof? There are a few factors you need to consider:

  • The condition of your roof. Keeping your roof in good condition is a basic part of home maintenance. Most home buyers expect the roof to be in good condition because if not, they will be reluctant to buy.
  • Market conditions. Consider general housing market conditions that affect the value of all home renovations. It is good to ask for advice from local appraisers and real estate agents.
  • The type of new shingles. Your choice of shingles may affect the return you receive on your house after selling. For example, if you use asphalt shingles in an area where other houses have wood shingles, you will devalue your home.

Roof replacement is a job that should be done right the first time. Homes that gain the most value from selling have new roof installation or replacement. By fixing your roof, you increase the market value of the house. Always choose the best contractor to work with for your home project upgrade.