South Florida consistently experiences some of the most extreme weather that can affect homes and properties that are not well-protected against storm damage.

Based on this fact, the Florida Building Code has since 2007 required roof replacement when a substantial amount of a roof becomes damaged.

In adherence to this “25% Rule,” roofers may not repair a roof that is inspected and has damage to more than 25% of the entire installation; however, recent changes to the rule now permit roof services to make those repairs in certain instances.

Home and property owners should understand the rule and its purpose to know what to expect if their roof becomes damaged.

What Is The 25% Roof Replacement Rule In Florida?

In 2007, the Florida Building Code or FBC was changed to be effective in March of 2009 and required roof replacements for any structure with a roof found to have more than 25% damage.

Senate Bill 4, known more casually as the 25% Rule, mandates roofers to replace rather than repair any roof that is more than 25% damaged to protect public safety while also reducing repair and insurance costs.

It also requires the use of specific hurricane-proof materials that are more durable against extreme weather.

This building code law came about to reduce the amount of damage sustained in extreme weather, which was found to be more likely with roofs of inferior-quality materials or ones that had undergone substantial repair as opposed to an entire new roof being installed.

According to the rule, “damage” is defined as wear and tear or anything else that compromises the integrity of the roof.

What Are The Recent Building Code Changes To the 25% Rule?

Recently, a significant change was made to SB 4, permitting roof services to repair certain roofs that might surpass the 25% damage rule requirements, giving relief to some property owners.

In May of 2022, D 4-D came into effect, slightly modifying the 25% Rule to specify which roofs it applied to.

Based on this change, property owners are required to have a roof replacement done after 25% or more damage to their roof if their installation was made prior to March 2009, when the law went into effect.

Those done after SB 4 went into effect are assumed to be compliant with the new FBC, which mandates the use of hurricane-proof materials and therefore, more suitable for repair even if more than 25% of the roof is damaged.

How Can Property Owners Ensure Compliance And Stay Protected?

Florida Building Code SB 4 exists to increase public safety and protect property owners as well as insurance companies from the costs of unnecessary, preventable damage caused by extreme weather.

Still, interpretation of that code, as well as the 25% Rule, can sometimes be confusing.

The best way for any property owner to know how their home or building is affected is to hire an experienced roofer to assess their roof and determine the degree of damage that is present.

Roof services can use that information in conjunction with the age and type of installation to determine the correct and most recommended path of action to preserve the integrity of that roof so it remains in compliance.

Experienced Roofers Can Address Concerns About Building Code Roof Compliance

Whether dealing with minor roof damage or something more serious, property owners in South Florida must find a roofer who is fully versed in SB 4 as well as the 25% Rule and how it will apply to their home or building.

An honest and knowledgeable contractor can inspect a roof and determine when roof replacement is required according to FBC or if it is possible to instead make repairs.

The right roof services that abide by FBC are critical for protecting properties against hurricanes in storm-prone zones!

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