Impact doors provide advanced protection for homes in hurricane zones by withstanding high winds and physical impacts; however, the door itself is only as strong as the frame holding it up.

When investing in impact door services, it is critical that homeowners also have their door frames rebuilt to provide total protection.

As experienced impact door contractors can attest, a durable impact door requires an equally durable door frame to stand up to hurricane-force winds!

Why Is The Frame Critical When Installing Impact Doors?

As strong as hurricane-rated impact doors may be, if they are not attached to an equally durable frame, that strength may be of little benefit.

Door frames attach the door to the building while sealing the entryway against wind and weather.

These vertical and horizontal supports are also a high-wear component simply due to the normal use of the door.

Impact door contractors find that as seals, hardware, and frame materials age, they start to lose their strength and effectiveness against severe weather.

In fact, it is usually the frame that fails before the actual door does in extreme weather or impact conditions.

Why Are Standard Frames Too Weak For Impact Doors?

In most homes and buildings, the door frames might look sturdy enough; however, they are made of materials that cannot withstand impacts and hurricane-force winds for long periods of time.

Frames made from lumber and even some made from lower-quality, thin steel can be broken easily enough that impact door services recommend against using them to support impact-resistant doors.

More importantly, both will deteriorate over time and lose strength, with wood being especially prone to drying, rotting, and other damage that weakens the entire frame, preventing the door from doing its job.

Low-quality, cheap steel frames can be bent and dinged, reducing their functionality as well.

Instead, impact doors should always be installed on door frames designed to provide the degree of support they need to create a durable, protective entryway.

What Type Of Door Frames Do Impact Door Contractors Recommend?

The two most recommended frames used by impact door contractors to provide strong and long-lasting protection when installing impact-rated doors are vinyl and aluminum.

Vinyl is a preferred material as it can withstand much higher impacts than wood can without breaking, requires no maintenance, and does not deteriorate over time the way wood does, remaining strong for decades.

Impact door services also recommend aluminum frames, as these high-quality components are virtually rot and maintenance-free and nearly impossible to dent or bend, making them more suitable than the thin, bendable steel used with many standard frames.

With either of these components, home and building owners can gain the full extent of protection they expect when investing in this important property improvement.

Don’t Forget Door Frames When Investing in Impact Door Services

For properties in hurricane zones like South Florida, impact doors and windows are an improvement that can provide critical protection against these damaging storms.

Yet it is important to avoid skimping on impact door services by not rebuilding the door frames, as the frames provide the strength required to keep these doors protective.

Consult with an experienced impact door contractor who can assess the construction of existing frames and recommend the best method to rebuild them when installing impact-resistant doors.

Together, the right door and frame combination will stand up to that South Florida stormy weather for years to come!

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