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With energy efficiency and impact resistance prime concerns for many Florida homeowners, investing in new replacement windows is a great choice. Energy-efficient impact windows can make any home safer and more comfortable, as well as easier to cool and heat.

Older homes with old windows do not offer the protection and efficiency that newer replacement windows do. Many of the windows in older homes have bad seals that leak and do not function correctly anymore. They are also more breakable in bad weather like hurricanes and extreme storms.

Does this sound like your home or building? If it does, a cost-effective investment in residential or commercial replacement windows is the perfect solution. All America Construction handles replacement window installation to resolve these issues!

Choose Energy-Efficient Impact Windows In Florida

If your home is more than twenty years old, there is a high possibility that your windows are not impact-resistant or energy-efficient. As of a regulation change in 2002, the Florida building code requires homes and buildings within certain regions in South Florida to be equipped with either impact-resistant hurricane-proof windows or be able to be covered by shutters or other protection.

Replacement impact windows that are not just protective, but also reduce the UV energy that passes through windows into homes and buildings, can solve both issues. They are much safer in areas that are frequently affected by strong storms and hurricanes while also reducing utility bills. New replacement windows are also more secure, with breakproof glass, reducing the chance of a break-in.

What is the best remedy for all these concerns? Replacement windows installed by All America Construction! We are certified window installers who can remove old, unsightly, and poorly functioning windows from your property and provide these great benefits by installing new, safer, stronger ones.

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Old Windows Cause Many Problems

Though windows are durable home components that can technically last over the lifetime of a house or building, the quality and functionality of windows reduce the older that they get.

Old windows with worn or hardened seals allow the loss of cooling and heating, making it harder and more expensive to keep a comfortable interior temperature. Metal-framed windows frequently leak air as their caulk sealant dries up and deteriorates over time. Wood-framed windows can also be a security risk, as their locks and single-pane glass are easily broken. Even older, lesser-quality vinyl windows can become leaky as they age.

More importantly, none of these older windows are safe for South Florida property owners! Single-pane or non-impact glass and poorly fitting metal and wood window frames create safety concerns during the storms and hurricanes that are so common in southern Florida.

With extreme weather occurring with such frequency, it is essential that home and building owners in South Florida protect their properties by upgrading to impact replacement windows installed by All America Construction.


Solve Those Problems With New Windows

All America Construction can resolve all of the issues caused by old, aging windows made from less durable materials with the professional installation of high-quality replacement windows. We install high-quality impact windows that adhere to the newer South Florida building codes while also providing better energy efficiency for lower utility bills. With many window types and styles to choose from, we can help you upgrade to the best windows for your property so you can gain the benefits of safety, security, comfort, and efficiency.

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Top Reasons To Invest In Impact Window Replacement

Investment in impact replacement windows is an excellent way to improve your property. Replacement windows, though they may seem expensive initially, provide many benefits that make them a cost-effective improvement for any Florida home or business.

Consider these important advantages of calling All America Construction to install replacement windows at your home or business:


Improve Your South Florida Home or Building
With New Impact Replacement Windows

Though updating an older home or commercial building with quality replacement windows can be a significant expense, All America Construction will make sure you get the most for your money. We’ll help you choose the right energy-efficient, impact-resistant windows that will look great while improving your property in many ways.

Our fast, professional installation of your replacement windows will reduce your utility bills, improve the appearance of your property, make it more secure, and even increase its value. New windows make any property safer, more comfortable, and easier to enjoy!

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At All America Construction, we know that home and commercial building owners in South Florida worry about the strength of their windows as well as high utility bills. We have a wide selection of replacement windows that can solve these problems.

We sell and install the highest-quality building code-approved impact windows in various types, styles, and sizes to replace all the old windows in your home or building. Our experienced window installers are ready to start your replacement project.

Call All America Construction to schedule a free, no-obligation replacement window estimate today. See how we can help upgrade and improve your South Florida property, so it is safe, secure, and more efficient.

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